Based at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard University's John F.Kennedy School of Government, we provide a forum for the analysis and discussion of important policy issues facing the electricity industry.

Founded in 1993, our objectives are to address key problems related to the transition to a more competitive electricity market, to foster informed and open debate, and to contribute to the wider public policy agenda affecting the electric sector.

Precipitated by the Energy Policy Act and other changes in the electricity industry, HEPG’s agenda includes the economics of electricity production and use, the evolution of the industry and its regulatory institutions, transition paths and strategies, and related public policy goals. Through research, information dissemination, and regular seminars on such topics, we facilitate discussion, which leads to the development of new ideas or to an expansion of the debate. We take no position on any issue and discussions focus on informing and analyzing, rather than necessarily forming a consensus. HEPG participants can and do speak on their own behalf in the broader public policy debate.

HEPG’s participation spans the breadth of interests in the electric sector. Participants include electricity industry executives from public power and investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, consumer advocates, regulators, energy officials from both state and federal governments, representatives of the environmental and financial communities, and academics.

Our Leadership

Ashley Brown

Ashley C. Brown

HEPG Founding Executive Director

William Hogan

William W. Hogan

HEPG Research Director



jurgin weiss.
Jurgen R. Weiss

HEPG Senior Fellow

Our People

Jo-Ann Mahoney

Project Director, Harvard Electricity Policy Group


Lenny Ciotti, picture

Lenny Ciotti

Research Assistant, Harvard Energy Policy Group