Twenty-five years since the passage of the Energy Policy Act, HEPG continues to serve as the key incubator of concepts that have shaped many aspects of the North American electricity market.

At HEPG plenary sessions, regulators, policy-makers, and industry leaders test ideas, hear comprehensive analysis of challenges, and address the consequences of different approaches to address them.  

"The Harvard Electricity Policy Group in my view has played an extraordinary role in a hugely complex public policy issue which requires real intellectual effort, and people in the industry and in the regulatory establishment recognize that."

Philip Sharp
U.S. Representative, Indiana, 1975-1995
Chair, Energy and Power Subcommittee, 1987-1995

Our Leadership

Ashley BrownAshley Brown

Executive Director of the Harvard Electricity Policy Group

William Hogan

William W. Hogan

Raymond Plank Professor of Global Energy Policy
Research Director


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Farkash-Hacohen, Orit. “The Power Game - Facing a Gas Monopoly: ,” 2018.Abstract

In 2015, the Israeli government approved a controversial deal with a US-Israeli partnership that controlled virtually all the natural gas supply in Israel--at great cost to the Israeli public. Central to the controversy was the political decision not to interfere with a provision--in the most significant gas agreement to the Israeli public to date--that sets artificially high gas prices and represents excess costs of billions of shekels over the 17-year lifetime of the deal.

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